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Q:  There are some websites that offer services for less.  Why should we use your services? A:  The old adage you get what you pay for is true.  We don’t bite off more than we can handle at       any one time.  We are a small company and personal service is our strongest asset. Q:  How long does it take to get my book published and available for purchase? A:  Let’s be honest.  It takes time to do things right and every project is unique.  We will do our best      to give you an accurate time quote, but please understand our goal is giving you the best possible      product as the end result. Q:  Do you format for Barnes & Noble as well? A:  Yes. However, we specialize in formatting and publishing for the Kindle tablet. is the       largest digital bookstore in the world and and they out sell all other Internet book outlets.       (Incidently, we get no commission or special kick back from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.)  Q:  How long does it take to see sales after my book is published on-line? A:  Tuthfully, there is no guarantee of ever selling any book to anyone other than friends       and family.  Some authors have gone months before seeing sales while some have started selling       almost immediately.  However, we can almost guarantee that people will download your book by       using Amazon’s KDP Free Promotion plan. We can explain more upon request.            
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