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After publishing some of our own work in the Amazon Kindle Store, others took note and asked for help.  Bogart Digital Publishing was created to meet their needs.  We wanted today’s new authors to enjoy the experience of publishing their work without having to fight the same lengthy learning curve we had endured. Our service allows authors to continue writing not wasting time on formatting, cover designs or promotional advertising. Please feel free to follow some of the links below to get a first hand look of what your E-book could look like when posted on-line at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.           Steven Trae Lauder:                   BERMUDA ZONE                                                                    “Those who enter never leave.”                                                                      ASHES ON THE LAKE                                                                                  “Live on!”            Roger Burke:                      JUST ANOTHER ROADSIDE CAFE                                                                         A HOME IN BOHEMIA          
Andrew Arias:                               THE FORGOTTEN SON
A Self Publishing Ebook Production Firm
“The Twilight Years”
John Clifford Crowe: DANCING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS        
“A poetic journey through life”
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