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You’ve always wanted to publish your writing, but without being picked up by a traditional publisher it just wasn’t possible, much less affordable. Today with the advent of publishing software, the Internet, and a little help from Bogart Digital, your dreams can become a reality. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and several others have created the platform.  All you have to do is help us, help you. We’ll edit your document, wrap it in a custom cover and then convert it to a format readable by most of today’s digital tablets.  Imagine your book listed for all to purchase in Amazon’s Kindlestore or online at Barnes & Noble. Exciting? Absolutely!  We have some of our own books and many of our friends for sale on-line right now. So go ahead.  Contact us today for a cost efficient price quote or look through our services and pricing guide to learn more about how we can help get your short story, novella or novel published for all to see.  
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